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A few Fearless Fiends sharing their amazing experience!

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Susan Hale

Brady Dale makes things happen! After losing 50 of the 100 pounds I needed to lose

and on a plateau, I decided I needed some help. In 2016 Brady took me under his wing. It turned out exercise, or lack of, wasn’t my biggest problem. Brady designed workouts for me that increased core body strength, balance, and coordination. As my core strength improved, the variety of workouts increased and my desire to increase my cardio activity increased as well.

Brady has the knowledge and intuitiveness to understand what a person needs to improve, and knows how to motivate his clients to want to work hard to achieve their goals. During this time, I made numerous trips out of state, interrupting my program for as

much as a month. I would return discouraged and three steps backwards. Brady continued to be positive, focusing on the progress I had made and knew when to be “tough” and when to let things slide. His positive “can do” attitude became my “can do” attitude and I could tell I was getting physically stronger and mentally more confident I would achieve my goals, even with the lapses due to travel.

I am currently on another trip and this time my daily routine is very different. I am

dedicated to a daily hike, daily workouts with the bands, and stretching. I am

motivated to succeed. And I have Brady to thank for guiding me to where I am now. I

look forward to returning at the end of summer, showing Brady what I’ve achieved

and continue forward toward my current and new goals.

As a motivator, Brady has a “knack” for knowing what to say and how to say it.

When he speaks to a group, we all feel he is speaking directly to us. How does he

know what we are thinking and feeling? He has found his gift, his passion and I feel

honored to have him as my coach.

Susan Hale

Joanne Parkin

  I am privileged to know Brady for over three years while he was my personal trainer at Body Renew.

 Brady Dale is a truly remarkable person. He has done what many of us annually pledge to do, yet never accomplish — and that is to change ourselves. Brady is talented, highly motived, self-taught, and engagingly talented. He literally transformed himself into the person he always wanted to be. 

His passion now is to help others realize their goals. Brady's passion is quite infectious. Hear him once and you cannot help but want more! I feel truly blessed to know this remarkable young man. Whether it is in the gym, at speaking engagements, or a quiet conversation  Brady will move you with his sincerity, honesty, compassion and amazing spirit. In Kindness.

Joanne Parkin