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Fearless Fitness

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December 2011: The Path to Purpose

I was only a 17 year old student at Colony High School. I had spent my entire childhood as an overweight child and my Senior year marked my heaviest yet. I weighed in at a whopping 295 Lbs. I was bullied and abused through most of my childhood. I was angry, depressed, and even suicidal. December 16th 2011 was quite possibly the worst day of my life, and I had finally had enough. Today was the day I CHOSE to change my life. The worst day of my life, set in motion every event that would spark everything beautiful in my life including the creation of Fearless Fitness!

October 2012: Dreams

October will always be special to me and Fearless Fitness. I had lost 100 Lbs after 10 months of hard work, dedication and discipline. I earned my first Personal Training Certification and dedicated my life to helping others. I don't want others to suffer the way I did. I want to do everything in power to make sure my friends, my family, and the people of my community live long, healthy, and happy lives!

June 2017